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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Susan's phone minutes

One of the most tyrannical aspects of Susan's incarceration is the limitation of her freedoms of speech and the press while still unconvicted. While in prison, she is forbidden any contact with the press, limited to call only those who are approved, and we are prohibited from conference calling her in with journalists. On top of that, she is limited to four or five hours of phone calls a month, less than half of my current cell phone calling plan.

Tonight she called, sounded like she was in tears, claimed to be frightened and begged me to come visit. Then the phone went dead. Probably, she is out of minutes until the beginning of the next month.

Karin will call her attorney in the morning to find out if anything happened.

Half of me is pissed at Susan for the dramatic timing and not answering the couple of questions that I got in sideways as to whether anything had happened. The other half worries that the worst has happened and she's on her way to Carswell, never mind the assurances of additional motions and proposals.

Just a great cap on an otherwise productive day, and I'm not sure how many more days I'm going to need or allow this kind of dramatic intrusion--emotions that are always so self important and so seldom considerate of whatever situation in which the listener may be already involved. Nevertheless, being held in such uncertainty with so little regard for her own interests... well, I guess it would drive anybody crazy.

It's an interesting question: Who do I trust least, Susan or our government? Neither have great reputations for integrity at the moment.


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