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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Susan gets called to court

Tuesday morning, Susan says she was awakened early to go to the courtroom. The judge wanted to see all concerned. Somebody had heard me on the PID radio show and downloaded her medical records from this blog site then sent them to the judge. He had not seen the pre-trial findings, earlier. Now, he says he will read everything that comes across his desk about her case.

So, it may be that letters are now a good thing... if they're on target.

Key is to document that she is not fantasizing her connections to CIA and DIA people. She may be paranoid and she may exagerate her relationship, but she is not completely fabricating things. Also, in diagnosing her as delusional, Carswell went through many of the journals that the FBI seized when they searched her home and arrested her. What nobody has explained to the judge is that she writes fiction, some for children, and some adult political satire. I personally submitted her "Joy Santa" piece to Rain Tree press, as a favor for her, last year. Probably, Karin and I will print out a few pages to send to the judge.

Somewhere there is a PDF of the CIA's letter to the UN and the Scottish court releasing Richard Fuisz from his oath of silence. Susan's deposition is also a matter of record that is easily found on the Internet.

Last, a lady friend raises the question as to why the Justice Department and the Bureau of Prisons had to have Susan go to Carswell, instead of St. Elizabeth's here in DC, or some place in New York or Boston. Her theory is that Carswell was chosen because the government knew that Susan had actual dealings with agency people and they wanted her to be dealt with by people who would find such claims to be far-fetched rather than folks in communities who know how politicians and their secrecy sometimes screw up so royally.


Blogger Derek said...

One never knows how God chooses to use chance meetings: Sharon contacted Janet Phelan after she was recommended by a listener. Janet brought you to our attention. Another listener hears you and contacts the judge.


12:07 PM  
Blogger JB said...

Sometimes things work. One must sometimes learn more patience, however. :)

12:16 PM  

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