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Monday, May 22, 2006

Susan and Lockerbie, Another Twist

Last Wednesday, as I was riding my motorcycle to work, I was rear-ended by a car and thrown from my motorcycle. I sustained what I thought were minor injuries. I had a headache, and felt stiff in many places. A visit to the ER, and a few days later, I realize that something has my mind playing games on me. Of course, if I were paranoid, I would think that as there is no way to control what an injury might do to someone, the trick would be to have an accident, then administer some drug through using a skin penetrating agent. Chances are that it's just a concusion, and if it were serious I think the ER doctor would have caught it.

But, over the weekend, I get a call from Scotland. Someone with ties to the old Lockerbie case says that the conviction we got on the Lybians is coming apart at the seams. He thinks Susan is being railroaded like other people associated with the original Lockrebie trial. I had heard about there having been a number of mysterious deaths & disapearances, and he reminded me of some of that.

Moreover, he knows the another person who had called me from Europe and downplayed Susan's connections to the CIA and DIA. "Don't believe a word," he says. "I think he works for MI-6. I watch my back, you better watch yours."

Great. I'm living inside a spy novel.

For what it is worth, I know one or two people who've had clerk type positions in the CIA, and probably rubbed elbows with others while traveling in the State Department--yes, I can tell a funny story about pissing some of them off, not knowing who they were. My impression is that they do not get involved in cover-ups and do not admire collegues who run rogue operations. That's how they got the Church Commission on their backs, probably. Most of them, like most government workers, want to be admired for the job they do, want to go home at the end of the day and believe they've done something useful. While the political appointees may be a slightly different story, something like Lockerbie has persisted through several changes in political leadership.

Still, my caller reminded me that the current leadership has a lot of the folks who were in the leadership, then.



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