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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday, Hearing Tuesday

Well, Susan woke me up at 9:00 A.M. this morning. It wasn't her fault that I stayed up until 2:00 A.M. on the computer. The wake-up call got me out of bed in time for ten o'clock church at the Church of the Ascension on Sligo Avenue. Good thing it's only ten blocks away and no lights.

Susan is in a panic. She is of the impression that her Uncle has not gotten the family's motions into the judge. She wants me to call him? Me? Why not her? Well, because she can't leave messages on his cell phone the way the prison telephone system works. You would think there would be some human operator required to intervene when an answering machine message clearly says that it will accept all incoming calls. Oh well.

Karin, who is as close to all of this as I am and takes care of Susan's house and her two dachshunds, says that Ted filed two motions: One, to get her out of incarceration, entirely; and another to allow for her being medicated and monitored in a medical community near where she lives.

After church I went to the Takoma Park Farmers' Market. I found a park bench. I may as well be sitting outside as at home with my injuries. A gathering of people showed up discussing how the police department made a mistake on a report. They were chasing some people who had car-jacked a SUV, the SUV took out this lady's fence, but because the police wrote down a non-existent address on their report, she is not able to get insurance to fix it. As she wandered off, one of her lady friends allowed to me as to how much energy this woman had for all kinds of activist causes.

"Oh, well, I could use her," I replied and sketched out Susan's predicament.

"Oh, yes, I remember her," she replied, "They got her on treason."

How interesting. Those of us who read the indictment know that treason was not the charge. Nevertheless, by insinuating treason and espionage, the people in government empowered to prosecute managed to position her in a way that scares the bejesus out of liberals. Mother Susan, at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, was just as quick to distance herself. The ability of politicians to sever a citizen from their rights and due process just through innuendo and indictment, to so ruin someone's life over such a long period of time... well, it is exactly why the founding fathers thought up the idea of having a new country.

I venture to say we are less and less the "land of the free" because we are less and less the "land of the brave." We think bravery is sending soldiers to Afghanastan or Iraq, and dropping bombs on foreign cities from 60,000 feet. From super power to third-rate in one generation.


Blogger Gamine said...

I get terribly annoyed when people refer to Susan as "accused spy" or say that she was charged with espionage or treason. Those just aren't the charges.

How much of this is the fault of prosecutors though? Have they ever referred to her a spy or said anything about treason? It seems like a media thing to me-- and the media can be extremely ignorant.

Of course one of the problems with correcting misinformation such as this is that once it gets out in the media, other publications just repeat what they have heard elsewhere and you get a snowball effect.

A perfect example is The Smoking Gun: They post an article with the headline that she is a "spy" along with the lead sentence "A former Democratic congressional aide was arrested today on charges that she worked as an Iraqi spy."-- then post the indictment, which in fact is careful to avoid charges of espionage.

I guess "spy" just sounds like a colorful headline.

7:59 AM  
Blogger JB said...

The Justice Department is not innocent of the exageration. They reported that they decided against charging her with treason or espionage "because they did not have enough evidence," implying that they really thought that was what was going on. The Justice Department is driven more by the need for convictions than the need for truth. All the counter-intel folks and the criminal investigations folks need criminal prosecutions and convictions to prove they are earning their pay. After 9/11 they are desperate for anyone they can make into a criminal, and while Susan is a very high-IQ person, her emotions turn her into a half-wit who stumbles from the corrupt bureaucrats of one government to the next. Her intention was to save the world (and maybe earn a reward or two in the process). She did not have a nose for the notion that Iraq Intelligence officials might like to describe her to their bosses as one of THEIR assets, at the same time that those she knew, here were distancing themselves, and the FBI looking for any scalp they could find, or idiot they could coach into an entraping situation. That's the way I see it.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Gamine said...

They reported that they decided against charging her with treason or espionage "because they did not have enough evidence," implying that they really thought that was what was going on.

That's right; they did say that. I remember now. Ugh. It is all so craven. This is all so wrong. I know Susan has her flaws, but for heaven's sake she is not the person they should be going after.

Again, thanks for posting news.

2:36 PM  

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