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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To write or not to write...

One of the associates in the law firm that represents Susan sends the following:


"Sam asked that I pass along the following. We were contacted by the
Court today and they informed us that they have been receiving
letters on Susan's behalf. We were told that these communications
are not helping Susan in any way but are actually more harmful to
the case. If you would be kind enough to let the people out there
know, either through your blog or other means of communication,
that these letters should not be going directly to the Court. If
anyone would like to send information to our office we are more than
happy to receive it. At that point we can pass it along to the Judge
through the proper channels. As always, feel free to call me with any

"John McPadden"

I'll admit that I had already gotten a package off to the court at
Susan's behest. It contained samples of her children's story and Ian
Ferguson's e-mail attesting to the connection between Susan, the
CIA, and DIA figures being real (during the Lockerbie period).
Generally, I trust her lawyers' advice as they would be in trouble
if they were to be caught intentionally deceiving anyone in such


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