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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Susan will be in the news

Al Jazeera picked up on Susan's story, I'm told. Expect to see them go forward with some kind of article. While I like the idea of Susan getting more publicity, and while it may be good for Susan, this kind may not be good so good for U.S. national interests. It's the the kind of reason that goes to the point of how stupid it might have been to indict her on such nervous-Nellie charges to start with. When IS the last time the FBI did anything of actual service to the country, I wonder. Are they all just sucking up big paychecks and waiting for retirement while telling homophobic jokes?

The problem is that, as I've said before, whether Susan was or was not an actual intelligence asset, and if she was, whether or not those who were handling her were do so ethically and correctly, are questions somewhat beside the point because in most every respect she looks like she was and is indistinguishable from anyone else who is. It's not beyond our expectations, of the agency that first brought us LSD, that they would, as pre-trial records describe, prescribe her medications that unbalance her and make her seem less sane to others.

Where this goes is to the issue of how intelligence assets are treated, and how little supervision various operators have regarding their employment of others and influence upon others.

It is a lot easier to recruit intelligence assets when the world things our country wears the white hat. When ordinary citizens of foreign countries do not see us holding the ethical high ground, or as a beacon of hope for enlightened civilization, then they have lost one of the best reasons that ever served us in recruitment. Beyond that, if those who work for us do not get their due, and beyond that are taken down and discredited and impoverished when they seek to serve the truth to unappreciated bureaucrats, and the word gets out. Well, then we are just the same shit as every other tin pot tyrant who ever walked the earth.

The shame of this is that we have challenges ahead of us, real challenges, not pretend Iraq WMD phobias, and we may need every friend we can find to survive in a world where military might suddenly becomes a liability.


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