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I'm now a 52-year-old American male raised as an Episcopalian, veteran of submarines, Peace Corps, and State Department. I like teaching people about what they can do with computers and have gotten by as an independent Microsoft trainer teaching networking, but I really hope to someday find a way to make a living traveling on my motorcycle, camping, and writing about places and people I meet along the way.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


On my way back from the West coast, in 2003, I travelled through Canada. By some good fortune, I found a German resort on Lake Wobegon (right). As I traveled into town the next day, I passed a young middle eastern man riding a bicycle in the opposite direction who seemed to look at me with unveiled hatred. The next night I dreamed that Al Queda members had managed to get a nuclear weapon into a Canadian port, shipped it by rail and were riding a train across the boarder into Chicago.


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