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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Susan Knew...

A few evenings ago, I received a call from Toronto, from Park Godfrey, the professor who was boarding with Susan while the FBI was conducting it's targeted investigation against her. He substantiated what she had told me, that she knew this was no Libyan agent, that he didn't check out. She figured there was at least half a chance that he was some newbie trying to make a mark in the FBI. She found it very odd that he wanted her to deposit documents that were publicly available in a clandestine manner rather than coming to her door for them as she requested.

You have to consider how desperate counter intelligence folks in the FBI were to show that they could accomplish anything. Sort of like an inept small-town police department that has to arrest a black man to be the token victim when one of their white women cries rape, and then the court and jurors who don't have the backbone to put a stop to it before there is a hanging. Well, this isn't a small town court. Things may turn out differently.

I think a lot of us are tired of being told lies by rich people who think they are the ruling class and that we'll believe anything. I think a whole lot of us liked it better when we were at least trying to be the land of the brave and the good guys in the world. Bombing the cities of developing countries from 60,000 feet counts as strength perhaps, but not much in the way of courage.

I also think that Bush, senior, knew that the world might be a more managable place with Sadaam Husein stuck with the problems of Iraq. Anytime oil prices went up, we could just loosen sanctions a little to keep the rest of the oil-prducing world in line. Are we really better off?


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