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Monday, April 24, 2006

Susan Lindauer: Hearing for fommitment and forced medication scheduled.

Over the last couple of days, we (Susan has a friend Karen who has stepped in with lots of money to keep the house going) have heard from Susan and her uncle Ted and have gained some clarity on what this hearing is and what the situation is. We now understand it to be a hearing to consider Susan's involuntary commitment an forced medication. Her uncle is proposing an outpatient alternative--or so she thinks. I've not talked to her uncle about this, specifically, but have spoken to him on other maters and see every indication that he is a good person.

Now, it is entirely serindipidous for me that I move an empty box in my hall, to take it to recycling, and find behind it a packet of documents that Susan left, "In case I don't return." She meant "from Carswell," I suspect. In this packet, I find neatly stapled, each of the letters in sequece. But, I do not see them first. What I see first is her medical records all signed by a Doctor Kennedy, and a document commenting on her state at each weekly counseling session. These do a good job of arguing against pychosis, addressing the point and finding in the negative.


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