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Monday, April 24, 2006

Susan's Psychiatric Evaluation

Susan Lindauer will be in Federal court in New York on May 4th. The court is holding a hearing on whether or not to declare her incompetent and commit her permanently to a mental hospital and forcibly medicate her.

Her public defender has resolutely refused to mount any serious defense. Susan refuses to plea bargain, and it seems that this is all public defenders really do, anymore.

Susan is not charged with espionage or treason. She is charged with being an unregistered lobbiest, and the Justice Department flowered up the indictment. They alleged that she conspired with the sons of the Iraq diplomat representing Iraq in weapons inspection talks. Those sons were not convicted of anything, but were shipped out of the country on immigration charges. Susan's attorney, I'm told, has no depositions even from them, and he had plenty of time to get the job done before they were deported.

Susan has witnesses who know her thoughts during the FBI's attempted counter inteligence sting operation. She told the FBI agent that she knew he was no intellegence officer from Libya, and said same to Park Godfrey, an IT professor who now lives in Toronto, who borded with her at the time. This is one of her witnesses that her lawyer has refused to interview.

Her lawyer wants to claim in court that Susans insistance that she was trying to work as an asset (or was doing so) for American inteligence agencies is delusional. Unfortunately, for him, Susan's connections were well documented by the Scottish court during the Lockerbie trial, where it seems our government, or at least its political leadership, was so eager to not look impotent that they knowingly prosecuted Libyans instead of the Syrians who Susan claimed Dr. Fuisz, reportedly the former Syria CIA station chief, told Susan he knew had planned and executed it. Susan provided a deposition to the court, and it is in the Scottish press and court documents, the PDF of the CIA's letter, not equivocating about Dr. Fuisz's employment status one bit, but releasing him from his oath of silence in that matter.

From my point of view, Susan told anybody she could what she was up to. Given the notorious lack of human inteligence assets in Iraq, it seems to me that the likelihood that the CIA was ignorant of wha Andy Card's cousin was up to, is very unlikely. The fact that she did have access to senior diplomats, and the fact that she was Andy Card's cousin all fits pretty well to argue against delusion. With such access and connections, any peace activist might feel compelled to engage.

Susan's Psychiatric records during pre-trial counseling are posted at http://www.jbfields3.com/journal/Susan/SusanMedical.tif. You will need to download the file and look at it in something like Microsoft's Office Imaging application. You will see that the doctor directly addresses the question of psychosis and finds contrary to what her lawyer and the prosecution are alleging.

He does mention that Susan has religious convictions. It seems to me that our so-called Christian president may be about to persecute a modern day saint. I'm not sure, it rises to that level, but I'm not at all sure otherwise, and so I refuse to simply watch from the side lines, however much other Americans are beginning to seem like pre-WWII German citizens.


Blogger Gamine said...

Just a little word of advice:

I am sure identity theft is the least of Susan's worries right now, but I would still strongly advise you to black out her social security number on this report.

Anybody reading it could use it to obtain her birth certificate, a passport, a credit card-- you name it-- and cause her all manner of trouble.

I assume that the psych evaluation is posted with her permission?

I hope things look up soon for Susan. What she really needs is a better lawyer-- I'm afraid public defenders are only going to do so much, i.e., the minimum.

12:36 PM  
Blogger JB said...

So right. I "redacted" her SSN and birth date. Thanks.

7:45 PM  
Blogger JB said...

Well, I thought I had edited the TIFF file, but aparently the edits only layer on in my viewer. Susan did ask me to post this, and at the moment I have to say that identity theft is probably the least of her worries.

9:03 AM  

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