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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another witness for Susan

As much as I write about Susan, you might not know how annoying it has been to be associated with her through the last year. I had heard enough of her story repeated so many times that I sometimes wondered how much of it was true. This whole business of being an asset of our intelligence agencies... well, I had pretty much decided that she had a bit of an inflated ego. No doubt, she knew a few people, but did they really regard her work to be as valuable as she claimed. The more I heard of it, the more I tired of hearing of it, and the more I was ready to throw that whole notion out.

Well, today I connected with a Mr. Ian Ferguson via telephone. Ian is a European journalist who has covered terrorism for a couple of decades. From his conversation, it sure sounds like he saw Susan in meetings with CIA and DIA figures who identified themselves authoritatively as such during the Lockerbie proceedings.

The picture I have in my mind, tonight, is that the administration not only cherry picked inteligence information, but went out of their way to attenuate the reach of those inside the inteligence agencies who were exploring the alternative possibilities. Indicting Susan was the administrations way of punishing their critics in the inteligence community--cutting off their arms. People in the agencies typically could not argue their own cases publicly because they sign non-disclosure agreements with the government.

My conclusion is that the present administration sold us on the need for an Iraq invasion with evidence they knew was fabricated, and only after making sure contrary evidence could be eliminated or discredited.


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