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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Word is that Susan Lindauer will not be released from prison until she agrees to being medicated.

It reminds me of the movie "Harvey."

Then I wonder how many of the Saints could have been categorized as crazy.

Those who insists on speaking critically of others, and do so too pasionately, and especially if it concerns people wealthy or powerful, can easily be labeled as crazy. Then we don't have to listen to them. If they persist then perhaps we give them drugs that will render them less inclined to meaningful speech.

Jesus had a cousin, John the Baptist, who spoke what he saw as the truth concerning the powerful. One might consider how Jesus might feel about abusers of power.

If a country were a Christian country, then it would recognize its propensity to make mistakes, quickly repent, make restitution, and perform penance. One may reasonably doubt that such a thing will exist this side of the second coming. So, it is no wonder that the Jewish doubt that their Mesiah has come.


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