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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Peace in Iraq

I find myself increasingly intrigued by something that I think most of us would prefer to ignore. What are the real opportunities and roads to some kind of peace in Iraq? How might it come about? How might the waring factions come to be friends?

I'm reading a book "Long Way Round" about Ewan McGregor & CharleyBoorman's trip from London to New York (via Siberia) on BMW GS motorcycles. Trying to get a lead on them, I ran through a thread on a news group about their cameraman, Claudio von Planta. They speak well of Claudio in their book. I'm thinking I might like to follow or somehow participate in a next motorcycle journey, so I check out the link to Claudio's web page: http://www.vonplanta.net/

Wow. He is a story in himself. I read about his current work documenting Karzan Sherabayani's return to Kirkuk, which is pretty much the capitol of South Kurdistan, in northern Iraq. I search on Karzan and find the story of his Return to Kirkuk.

What an increadible story. It connects you to wonderful people who are at stake in the events going on, and it makes me think again as to how there must be hope for peace when afterall it is only people involved and people, like Karzan, do have the capacity for forgiveness that leads to peace and a better life. It helps, however, when those who are at fault want forgiveness.

The Washington Post, this morning, runs a story about the part of the American military that is responsible for fighting terrorism: Shortfalls of Special Operations Command Are Cited. I can't help but wonder whether these people will be able to connect with human assets in a way that will minimize the expenses and the casualties. More bullets and bombs may not be the key in a war against suicide bombers.


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