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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Truth Out

My letter to Marc Ash of TruthOut:


I heard Tom Wilner on CSPAN, this morning and decided to Google him. I see that you've covered his story well.

You might also be interested in the story of Susan Lindauer, an American citizen. Although she claims to have been working to end sanctions and to prevent war and has clear ties to American intelligence agency persons, she is accused of working with Iraq Intelligence. The indictment against her cites the Patriot Act. The government called her sanity into question and has incarcerated her without trial at FMC Carswell.

A copy of her letter to VP Chenney dated March 1, 2001 is in my possession. In it, she congratulates him on the election, lays out her history, working in Middle Eastern Affairs, and reports that she has met with Iraq delegates who are inviting the assistance of our FBI to help them root out any Al Queda operatives in their country. Chances are that this letter would have received more than the usual amount of attenction as she is the President's Chief of Staff, Andy Card's cousin.

I learned of her when I rented a basement apartment from her in Takoma Park, MD. While I do not necessarily share her politics, I am very alarmed at the Stalinist approach to justice that is being permited to railroad an American citizen.

I'm folowing the issue on my blog & web site:



Respectfully yours,
J Burford Fields


Blogger bhfrik said...

I stumbled across this story this morning and felt compelled to do a bit of coverage at my blog. I also cross posted that at Kos. What an incredible story. Please keep posting on it... I want to hear what happens.

My thought are with Ms. Lindauer...

2:10 AM  
Blogger Ikez said...

This story is rather intriguing and I will bookmark your page and lookfward to updates.


4:31 PM  

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