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Friday, February 10, 2006

This from a local scooter listserv:

So, I was sitting at a busy red light a couple blocks from home on Falls
Road (at 41st) in Hampden Thursday (2-9) morning on my yellow GP200, when I
got knocked off my bike by two drug frazzled youth who attempted to steal my

Within seconds I heard a hiss (at that moment I was very glad to be wearing
a full face with my shield down), as my mailman was hosing Perp #1 down with
pepper spray. Then Perp #2 rushed the mailman and got kicked in the groin
with a follow through of the mailman emptying his can of dog mace in the
kids face! I was well chuffed to say the least and this was all topped off
by said mailman stating to the youths that "I f---in' ride too!"

Next, the Baltimore Police show up and kids are hauled off. Perp #1 was
charged with Grand Theft Auto and Perp #2 is facing a possible 3-5 years for
"Assaulting a Federal Employee" as the bystanders gave their statements and
it was seen that Perp #2 charged at the Postie!

I now truly understand the term going postal. :^)

viva baltimore!!!

Boy that story made my week.

Don't I wish we could figure out a way to kill the chicken shits instead of punishing the brave? We seem to have become a people who would rather vote for the Patriot Act than suffer the consequences of freedom in times of peril; who think that the only people who need to brave in the defense of freedom are the children of families too poor to avoid military service. Sometimes I really want to go after my community with a weed eater.

So, I got a burr under my saddle. The landlady was not released after 4 months of observation as promised. Aparently, the authorities don't know what to make of things, despite wasting four months of her life while they "observed" it in a federal prison. So, maybe they will have a meeting in a few weeks, to decide something. Meanwhile, she sits behind bars without ever having had the benefit of a trial, no opportunity to confront acusers, no jury.... If they can do it to her, they can do it to any poor smuck and then it begins to mean less to be a citizen of this country. It's the true meaning of adultery. How can others ignore that a sacred inheritance is being adulterated by those we pay to defend it....

So, while I can't seem to defend myself from politicians who want to murder (in the biblical sense, which is not the same as killing), the act of this postman is a great solace. And I find myself wishing we could make him or her the next president.

That and a cold that won't let go. Then someone says something about TB coming back for a curtain call, and whatever happened to the public health service? We are awash in homeless people and illegal immigrants who have no health benefits. Terrorists don't need WMD's we're going to do it to ourselves. Bloody Hell.


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