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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Susan Lindauer's December 2000 letter to Andy Card

...called from prison, today. She was to have been release, yesterday. It seems the government is holding her indefinitely. She says they now plan to forcibly medicate her. She kept saying Thorazine and asking how she could defend herself on drugs.

The court told her, last September, to report to Carswell for 4 months of psychiatric evaluation to determine her mental suitability for trial. Ten days later, she took the bus to Dulles Airport. Tickets were waiting for her. She arrived in Dallas and had to arrange her own ground transportation to the facility.

Hers is a weird case. But a lot that she says stacks up, and she's not stupid--a graduate of Smith and the London School of Economics.

I've come upon her letters: one to Bush's Chief of Staff, her cousin, Andy Card. One letter describes a meeting in which she conveyed a Dr. Hasan asking for FBI assistance to help root out Al Queda elements within Iraq, in March of 2001!

I have a page with links about her at: http://www.jbfields3.com/journal/landlady/ll.htm

Here is the letter she sent to Andy Card dated December 2, 2001:


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