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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Letter from Susan

Gosh, I have to get better at reading my mail. I got a letter from Susan, yesterday, and being on my way out, set it asside. I'm glad I ran across it this morning before it got burried under more bills.

Susan's letters have not always been fun to read. Those from Carswell were full of indignation and flailings, as one might expect, and after the first one there was seldom much that was new. The bright spots were when she spoke about the food service ladies and some of the religous leaders who got in to see them. So, it is nice to get letters that are not full of desperation.

One of the things that Susan pointed out, in this letter, that she had also mentioned when I visited on Monday, was how impressed she was that she had not already been forcibly medicated. She sees that as a reassurance--that we have a judiciary that is still largely independent of politicians and empowered to protect people in positions like hers.


Anonymous Andrew Marshall said...

Jay, I don't quite follow what's been transpiring with Susan. There seems to be a gap in info, and it would be appreciated if you could fill me in.

Specifically, there is a gap in info between there not being a need for a hearing because the Judge had adequate information on which to base his decision, and Susan's possible release (shortly).
What transpired in between?

Also, you know Susan, and I don't. But I may have a perspective of on Susan that you don't, namely that I was in a situation similar to Susan's (albeit I was only investtigated and not imprisoned). The government tried to pin an "unfavorable" psychiatric diagnosis on me, and I got lucky by obtaining records that the diagnosis was directed by the gov.

This sort of experience is life altering in a way that someone who hasn't experienced it - who hasn't had their own life on the line - really can't understand. If you have never had a doctor laugh at your fate, as Susan did when a doctor said "that's going to be you" while pointing at an individual who was so medicated that she couldn't feed herself - well, such circumstances tend to excite a person in a way that those who haven't experienced will never be able to understand.

Its difficult staying sane, and as we're all a bit bonkers -maintaining the appearance of sanity - when we're under the observer's knife as Susan is. It's an extreme situation, perhaps an insane situation, that at the same time demands conduct that is beyond approach. Its an extremely difficult situation, especially when government corruption and influence is involved.

With regards to the judiciary, some judges are corrupt or exceedingly influenced, while other judges are uncomprising and uphold the law. In my many legal battles, I've had one judge wink at me (presumably) to let me know that she approved of my suing the gov. - while in another case a judge ruled against me saying that my legal argument was correct - but that the legislature didn't like that type of ruling . . . In plain terms, the judiciary is subject to the influences of any other human endeavor, and the people judging range from heroic to the tyrannical.

Presumably you guys know all this, because its not fair that someone has to wait half a year or more to be free if deserved, or for a determimation if not deserved.

This said, I very much appreciate your keeping me/us all informed.

Finally, if its possible to forward or relay what I've said to Susan please do so. It may do her good to know that she's not alone.
In the alternative, if she has access to email, please post her email address or email it to me at worldsolutions@yahoo.com.

8:13 PM  
Blogger JB said...

I agree there has been a gap. We have been told that a decision will be forthcoming, and were first told that on June 13th.

My lack of alarm rests on what I saw of the judge, and what Liz Fink had to say about him. That is not to say that I'm sure that any decision will go the way Susan would like, but simply that the passing of time seems to me to work in her favor.

You might write to Susan's judge about your own experience.

The Honorable Michael Mukasey
US Courthouse
500 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10007-1312

There is a date, in my head, beyond which I will ask for new efforts to bring her to greater public attention.

4:37 AM  

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