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Friday, July 14, 2006

Air Power

I'm reading Stephen Budiansky's book, Air Power. There is a passage that describes the dropping of pamphlets that accelerated the end of WW I. The pamphlets told German soldiers that POW's captured by allied forces were treated in a humane manner and received the same daily rations allowances. The pamphlets then described the daily allowance to include marmalade and tobacco. WW I, the book says, ended largely because of mutinies in the German ranks and uprisings from citizens fed up with military leadership.

Interesting to see the contrasts in POW propaganda and to consider how the treatment of modern POW's works against our larger interests.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah like some Haji is going to surrender from his quest for virgins because you offer him a smoke? Get real man, a haji is not a german christian and vice versa.

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