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I'm now a 52-year-old American male raised as an Episcopalian, veteran of submarines, Peace Corps, and State Department. I like teaching people about what they can do with computers and have gotten by as an independent Microsoft trainer teaching networking, but I really hope to someday find a way to make a living traveling on my motorcycle, camping, and writing about places and people I meet along the way.

Monday, January 22, 2007

On the DC Metro

Riding in, this morning, I had some memorization tasks to occupy my time that probably served well to wake me up a bit, even if I delayed breakfast and coffee for after arrival at work. At Union Station several people got on the metro, together, already engaged in a conversation. It was an easy guess that they commuted by MARC together frequently. A woman who had entered the car by the middle door pushed through the crowd to join them, near me, at the back door.

"We're just going to get another bunch of political appointees who are going to want to change everything again," said a man with a trim gray haircut.

A man in uniform next to him nodded. "We've had three different deputy assistant secretaries already, this year." Then after a pause, "Each one has had different funding priorities... different ideas."


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