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Friday, January 12, 2007

Foreclosure Conclusion

Susan's brother prevailed upon the father to halt the foreclosure proceedings. Not only that, but he also pointed out that the trust the father was managing had been set up to benefit him and Susan, and not to impoverish them with loans at extortionist rates -- howbeit there be loans with more extortionist rates. The interest was then forgiven. A few days later the brother had another conversation. Perhaps he enumerated the benefits that he himself had received from their late mother's estate, perhaps he pointed out how he and Susan had been cajoled into rolling their immediate inheritance into the trust, and how monies from that had been employed by the trustee, their father. Perhaps those monies had not been repaid at interest. I don't know the whole story but Susan's account, though often full of anxiety, and I can never trust her convictions when she is in the grip of her fears, seems likely. The good news is that Christmas got her in touch with her brother who had little knowledge of what was transpiring, and however tired he might be of her afflictions, decency, and probably actual brotherly love prevailed.

Yesterday, Susan received word that the brother had further prevailed in a request that proceeds to her from the trust not be repaid at all. So, now she is closer to being solvent. The house may be quickly refinanced, given that it has a renter or two more than it had when the Justice Department sent Susan away. That additional income, thanks to friend Karin who invested thousands of dollars and time down on her knees cleaning and fixing the previously unusable bath rooms. That refinancing should pay off a few other debts.

She quickly got on the phone to a Fannie Mae mortgage backer, and tells of a wonderful program they have for strapped home owners, one that is designed to prevent bankruptcies by providing reasonable rates and incentives of better rates for good performance in repaying the loan. Now, she is asset rich and cash poor.

The current crisis is the car. My motorcycle broke down. Pieces that held a saddlebag to the frame broke off and required welding. Josh, the head of the service department at Bob's BMW, told me about a welder. The story of what that required is written elsewhere, but Susan met me at the welders and watched as I took my bike apart, then we put all the pieces in her car, leaving a stripped-down vehicle for the welding. The next night, she took me back out and watched in amazement as the bike, more-or-less came back together. Once I got the bike home, and after washing my hands, we went to dinner. Her car immediately began running with a lurch. At stop lights, we found that it stayed running at idle if we quickly got it into neutral.

I feared at first that it was a timing belt, since it was behaving differently under load. She said that it had been replaced only twenty-thousand miles ago.

"Well, maybe it's something as simple as a spark plug."

The recent, suddenly cold weather might also have something to do with it.

I went to work the next day and she took the car to a local service shop. It turned out that the car needed new ignition wires. Fifty dollars -- not bad. However, in her anxiety to fix whatever might be wrong -- her first thought was the transmission -- the list of roving requirements grew and the bill came to $400 that she doesn't have. Doesn't everybody know to ask for a diagnosis and an estimate before agreeing to service? She allows that the mortgage has not yet been paid, either, and that she needs transportation to get to a bank to cash a check that another tenant gave her, late.

There is a lesson in this, for me. If I were more thrifty I could more easily asist. I could have held off on the repairs to my bike. Perhaps I should stop riding it altogether until I have a bit more money in savings. In the last month, I completed a 60-thousand-mile service. That and the repairing of the saddlebag could have both waited until spring and better riding weather, I suppose. Truth is, however, that it is easier to ride to work, given the state of my back, than it is to walk to and from the metro. My back is generally ordering a halt after about two blocks. Standing in Metro stations waiting for trains, if I'm not fortunate enough to get a seat, doesn't help, either. Perhaps I need to start using a cane so that my need is more apparent.

A friend admonishes me that I need to stop living "paycheck-to-paycheck." That is true. However, I've previously prided myself on the notion that I live more by faith in God than faith in the dollar. It is no small coincidence that every dollar remind us, "In God we trust." Still, I perhaps tempt fate too much or at least need to desist in testing providence by foolishness.

I went to bed last night troubled that I could not help her. I did not sleep well. When I slept I had nightmares. Not the kind of nightmares with ghosts and such, but the kind that describe to me very real calamities. I hesitate to write about them as I fear that the notion of such evil will be learned by others and employed.

It nevertheless came to me that while men may have been successful in defining the tyranny of governments and to some extent devising means to limit them, we have not done as well in recognizing the tyranny of lenders. After my foray into self employment as a Microsoft Trainer, and two accidents that ended it and added an exclamation mark for emphasis, I have had a taste of what disadvantage the poorest Americans face although I had the benefit of somewhat marketable skills, and a security clearance at a time when employee candidates with them were becoming harder to come by.

A good mortgage and lending market are important to enterprise. The same for insurance. There is a point beyond which both businesses may exploit weaker parties and at which the business becomes one of more questionable motives and ethics. The profit motives of free enterprise should serve and remain subordinate to public interest, not the opposite.

I mention insurance because it is part of my personal nightmare. My only employment was self employment at the time of the last may accident, I had no health insurance. The other party's insurance company quickly admitted responsibility, but failed to be forthcoming in assuring medical treatment or compensation for time I would lose from my work, teaching. If it were not for a lawyer willing to represent me, I would have had no further medical care. Still, the aggressiveness with which insurance companies have pursued medical cost has resulted in a situation whereby doctors are less willing to prescribe comprehensive examinations. Despite complaining of head and back injuries, neither the emergency room or my doctor were willing to prescribe x-rays or MRI's. So it was that I lived with undiagnosed back pain through the months of June, July, August, and into September -- attending physical therapy until I was allowed to go back to work, in July.

It is also the case that I went weeks before symptoms of dizziness, headaches, and forgetfulness were diagnosed, and that due to a friend who worked at the Food and Drug Administration, who recognized them and instructed me to insist on seeing a psychiatrist -- not that the psychiatrist was willing to afford the expense of baseline studies required to document the consequences of a "closed head injury." This friend knew that such injuries are occurring more often in people who wear helmets!

Back on full-duty, I taught my first motorcycle safety class, since the accident. After a bit more than an hour walking and instructing on the black-top, I was bent over by a shooting pain down my left leg. This justified a MRI of the lower back and revealed several bone fragments that had broken off of disc's and were floating in my spinal column.

To this day, I have had no x-ray of my skull, no MRI of the upper back, and while doctors have been generally attentive to the injuries of the back, my comments that the right knee periodically is causing me some concern have gone uninvestigated. I tend to focus upon the more serious and painful problem, myself.

And so I see a problem. One part of the insurance industry hikes up the price of medical care, and another, when required to afford it to to an injured party who is clearly entitled, endeavors to limit it to restrain their costs. The citizen is caught in the middle.

A few days ago, I heard a radio program on NPR, interviewing a Democratic party politician on what it means to be a Democrat. He mentioned the "Jacksonian" notion that the health of a society is measured not in by the health of those at the top, but by the welfare of those at the bottom. While I worry that this notion allows a majority of freeloaders to prevail upon a minority of more responsible, productive workers for welfare, I realize also that human happiness drives all of us to find ways of being of service to others, and that perhaps freeloaders will never be in a majority even were it permitted to be so.

In my nightmare, I lived in a country ruled by casino owners. Many who came for entertainment ended up impoverished and enslaved. They were forced to perform for the entertainment of new people coming to the land. The entertainment was not particularly good although the performers struggled at their craft. The scripts were such that they had to portray their own indignity. Those who watched did so out of the lack of any better entertainment all the while thinking that their failure to recognize the merit of the performance was due to their own lack of culture. They strove to become more sensitive to the moral and theme of the story, but only became programmed to fit into similarly dysfunctional lives.

The horrors that were visited upon those who schemed to escape their poverty!

Upon waking I thought of the game of souls. Those who had lost theirs, endeavoring to similarly impoverish others. The only form of entertainment--way of feeling better--for those who have lost their own soul is the process of finding or creating greater unhappiness in others. Perhaps this is the business of vice. Let me consider how society comes to allow it and make it fashion.


Blogger David R. Amos said...

----- Original Message -----
From: David Raymond Amos
To: janetcphelan@yahoo.com ; patriott2424@aol.com
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 11:33 PM
Subject: I know I could have helped Susan Lindauer long ago Why did she ignore me?

Hey Folks

I just listened to an old show of yours Greg because I noticed the name Andrew Card and saw red once again. I read what he said after they hanged Saddam and just shook my head in disgust at the nonsense of it all. It appears to be a mad world after all. Or worse yet maybe I am crazy like the Yankees said I was years ago for banging my head against the wall of apathy in this wonderful old world. It was as sincere effort to stop the New World Order creeping in on the future of all of our children. I have all but given up on the integrity of my fellow man so I must do the best I can to protect my own Clan from what the future holds in store. It looks pretty bleack to me now that the liberal and the Demcrat are still supporting Bush.

That said.I liked what Susan's friend Janet had said about "pay it forward" because the same thing happened to me as happened to her after I had ran for a seat in the 38th Parliament of Canada in 2004.I am gald that people such as Janet exist. It renews my faith in mankind. I believe I may even talked to Susan personaly years ago or at least left her voicemail before sending her an email or two but I can't be certain without studying my records in another computer far from here. Quite frankly i no longer care that is water over the dam. N'est Pas? I tried calling 800 313-9443 to do the same with you, Greg but no answer and no voicemail and i cannot locate one for Janet. Thus this email will have to do. If I send too much info people just delete my work out of the gate. If you bother to read this feel free to ask for more but I would rather talk to you first. Stress testing one's integrity is a two way street.

This is for real. I am the man who nobody will talk about who escaped the malice of many a bad acting Yankee years ago but my little family suffered greatly because of that fact. Please listen to the portions of the wiretap tapes in the link to know that I am as serious as a heart attack. However my issues go far deeper and wider than that. For example I am the man who sued Cardinal Law in 2002 whose actions in US District Court caused him to quit and run off on Dec 13th, 2002. I also mentioned the Black Pope's name as an opponent of mine in a Counterclaim filed in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland on January 21st, 2005. That all too is just the tip of the iceberg it is my doings with the US Treasury Dept, the SEC, Putnam Investments and the Fed Bank that has everybody particularly nervous about their money these days.

If only for the benefit of your friend Susan please read what I said of Andy Card one year ago in an email ordering my ex lawyer to act with some semblence of integrity ASAP. I will highlight it for you.
Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

My cell # is 506 434 1379 and I am at 506 756 8687 right now


"Bachrach, Barry A." BBACHRACH@bowditch.com wrote:

Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 11:15:33 -0500
From: "Bachrach, Barry A." BBACHRACH@bowditch.com
To: "David Amos" motomaniac_02186@yahoo.com

David, I have this day sent the tapes along with the following letter to senator specter. Specter (from barry) (00642699).DOC

Communications from our firm may contain or incorporate federal tax advice. Under recently promulgated US Internal Revenue Service standards (Circular 230), we are required to inform you that only formal, written tax opinions meeting the requirements of Circular 230 may be relied upon by taxpayers for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties. Accordingly, this communication is not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.

This e-mail message is generated from the law firm of Bowditch & Dewey, LLP and contains information that is confidential and may be privileged as an attorney/client communication or as attorney work product. The information is intended to be disclosed solely to the addressee(s). If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this email information is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender by return email and delete it from your computer system. For more information about Bowditch & Dewey, please visit our web site at www.bowditch.com

FEDERAL EXPRESS February 7, 2006

Senator Arlen Specter
United States Senate
Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. Specter:

I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that these are illegal FBI wire tap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in contact with you about this previously.

Very truly yours,
Barry A. Bachrach
Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003
Email: bbachrach@bowditch.com

David Amos motomaniac_02186@yahoo.com wrote:

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 12:04:52 -0800 (PST)
From: David Amos motomaniac_02186@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: The wiretap tapes
To: "Bachrach, Barry A." BBACHRACH@bowditch.com

On the subject of the wiretap tapes please send them to Specter at the following address ASAP. I called him and the other Senators on the Judiciary Commitee and told them to expect them from you and the ADA McDonnell weeks ago. Everyone of them who is a lawyer received a copy of wiretap tape # 139 back in 2003 and many have answered me improperly. The most notable being Teddy Kennedy and the long gone Johnny Edwards. You should also inform them that the ADA McDonnell has nine more in her possession and has been attempting to pretend that she does not have them. You should withdraw from the Dorchester District Court matter as my attorney and become my witness once again against the malicious prosecution of me about the false allegations and the Troccoli emails.

It would be nice before you withdraw for you to demand that I finally receive proper two head recordings of all of my hearings in the matter and hard copy of the purported warrant for my arrest. Judge Hanlon ordered the clerk to provide me with the tapes and attested copies of all filings for free on Oct 19th, 2004. To date I only received one largely erased four head tape late in April of 2005 immediately before Hanlon and McDonnell tried hard to put me back in jail with the illegal motion she sprang upon me on April 28th. That was long before they threw Jean out of her home. I have yet to receive any notice of the Appeall of Judge Hanlon's decision no to recuse herself before she attempted to put me back in jail again and I do have proof that the Appeal was properly docketed on May 31st before you decided to renter the fray so that i would quit bothering your partner Rikleen about the Fraudlulent Title V inspeaction on the Beach House that she helped to cover up. If you don't think I have good reason to be pissed off and not trust anyone read Kerstein's accounts that I sent you as soon as Jean went back to Probate Court and got them after you and she were there on July 27th. If you haven't studied them already you should. You will see how sneaky Troccoli, McDonnell and Kerstein truly are and how McDonnell and Kerstein lied to you and played you like fiddle in June. You should be pissed off at them not me. That said I need the tapes and the documents ASAP as evidence to use against the Crown.up here in order to save my own dumb arse now that my wife has given me the boot.

As you read the following letter please understand I have crossed paths over the years with all the smiling bastards the other Senators have listed. Comey got my stuff in New York before he replaced Thomspon who quit to work for Pepsi after his boss Ashcroft received my stuff. Ashcroft now works for Pat Robertson and I began torturing Regent University as soon as he got the job. Another of Ashcroft former underlings who now works for the title company that sold insurance on the title for our home in Milton must be a very nervous camper now that his underling's false allegations to Nancy backfired on him.

On a funny note Andrew Card was once a neighbor of Woody's in Holbrook. I fire off an email now then to remind him that we are still breathing. Please never forget I sent my stuff to Alberto Gonzales when he was inside the White House. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby and even Senator Obama the Senator FitzGerald he replaced and the Kickham cousin who is a lawyer in Illinios likely curse my name every night before they go to bed. Ask Patrick FitzGerald in Chicago why.

I wrote this shit off the top of my head. Trust me when I say I study my foes and even the very dumb Troccoli and McDonnell have to admit I am very hard to argue. Your nasty partner Rikleen and all her political friends suck. I warned them all and even you that if the bastards broke up my family and threw my wife and kids out of their home there would be Hell to pay but only in an ethical and legal fashion. I repeat I am no threat to anyone. Woody and I are alone with my little dog far away in the Canadian woods. However very soon I am suing the Crown and filing many wiretap tapes into evidence in federal court in Canada, just like I promised I would on Maritime TV live on the news suppertime when I was running against the former Minister of Indian Affairs Andy Scott. I went out of my way to introduce your to him last year for your benefit as well as mine. I also went to high school witht that dumb bastard as well as the president of the New Brunswick Law society. When we were kids I was one of their minor heroes because I would not take any shit from the bullies who used to beat them up. The dude Terry Curtis who went to jail after he beat up his former friend Andy Scott in his constituency office after he had double crossed him even admitted to me when I was running for a seat in Parliament again that I was one of his heroes too. Now that is truly funny. Small wonder why Andy Scott was so afraid to be in the same room as me EH? Everybody claimed that I might hurt Andy Scott because i was such a mean nasty ugly guy but in truth both they all knew that he did not have a hope in hell of winning any debate with me because everybody in Fredericton knows I am no liar but Andy Scott certainly is. His family used to burn KKK crosses in their gravel pit when we were kids. Some liberal EH? Methinks he is as you once discribed nasty old Noam Chomsky to me. Andy Scott is merely one of the Fake Left. Nobody in their right mind fakes right. EH? Only George W. Bush is too dumb not to.
Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

P.S. There was an interesting coincidence yesterday but you did send this email before I spoke so I sense no foul play on your part at least. However I know for a fact the Feds do listen to my calls and read my emails so I do not trust anyone anymore. On live Radio that was heard all over the Maritimes I again explained why I was about to sue the Crown next week in Federal Court in Canada I told everyone about the wiretap tapes and that Congress was expecting them hopefully before Alberto Gonzales testified. As a double check if the the tapes do not get there or they deny it all I am filing many more up here to use against the Crown that supported my false imprisonment for the benefit of corrupt Yankees. However I am saving many more just in case I need to give them to the mob. As I said Enough is Enough just uphold the law and let the cards fall where they may. I have done nothing wrong but many lawyers and Feds have.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Senator Arlen Specter
Committee on the Judiciary
Dear Senator Specter:

We applaud your decision to hold hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee in light of recent revelations about the Natjonal Security Agency's domestic spying program. The American people deserve to understand the legal authority relied on to wiretap Americans within the United States, and whether any laws were violated. We very much appreciate your leadership in scheduling the first congressional hearing on this program. In particular, we are heartened that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has agreed to testify at those hearings.

In light of news accounts that there was significant concern about the legality of the program even at the very highest levels of the Department of Justice, we also believe that it is critical for other relevant Administration officials to make themselves available at any hearings.

Because of the importance of their testimony, every effort should be made to bring these witnesses before the Committee, and we appreciate that your staff has reached out to several of them already. If these witnesses are unavailable for the currently scheduled hearing on February 6th, we urge you to schedule additional hearing dates as necessary to accommodate these and any other witnesses who can shed light on the nature and legality of the NSA program.

Among other people, we believe the witnesses should include at least the following high-ranking Administration officials, who were reportedly involved in creating, approving, and evaluating the NSA program:

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft, who appears to have personally approved the program;
Former Deputy Attorney General James B. Corney, who apparently expressed grave reservations about the program;

Former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson, who for at least some period of time was kept in'the dark about the program; and
White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

In addition, we hope you will join us in urging the Administration to allow these witnesses to waive any executive privilege in connection with that testimony. Only if we can obtain frank and forthright testimony from these officials - without resort to hiding behind the guise of executive privilege - can the Senate and the American people understand whether or not the law and the Constitution were inappropriately circumvented.

Charles Schumer

"Bachrach, Barry A." BBACHRACH@bowditch.com wrote:

Please advise me as to which congress person you would like me to send the tapes.

Communications from our firm may contain or incorporate federal tax advice. Under recently promulgated US Internal Revenue Service standards (Circular 230), we are required to inform you that only formal, written tax opinions meeting the requirements of Circular 230 may be relied upon by taxpayers for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties. Accordingly, this communication is not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.

This e-mail message is generated from the law firm of Bowditch & Dewey, LLP and contains information that is confidential and may be privileged as an attorney/client communication or as attorney work product. The information is intended to be disclosed solely to the addressee(s). If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this email information is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender by return email and delete it from your computer system. For more information about Bowditch & Dewey, please visit our web site at www.bowditch.com

One year later clearly the Yankees are worried EH?

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