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Monday, September 17, 2007

Good news. Mukasey is GOOD news...

...for America. Why do I think this?

Here's the answer:

This from the New York Times, this morning:


Is Said to Be Pick At Justice
Democrats Likely To Accept Him as
Attorney General
By Michael
Abramowitz and Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writers

Monday, September 17,
2007; Page A01
President Bush has selected retired federal judge Michael B. Mukasey as his new attorney general, sources said yesterday, moving to install a law-and-order conservative at the Justice Department while hoping to avoid a confirmation fight with Senate Democrats.

This was the judge that so pinned the ears back on the prosecutors for wanting to forcibly medicate Susan. Known as a tough guy. A stickler for the law. He was able to protect an individual who politicians were ready to throw away or dispose of as was done with Martha
Mitchell during Watergate.

I wrote about the experience of being in his courtroom. I was quite thrilled with our nation to see such a judge on the bench and felt that way even before I knew how he was going to decide anything regarding Susan.

I knew she was getting one of the best for a judge. My pointing that out to her might have been one of the things that helped to calm her down a bit. She had to admit that in many other countries a judge's permission would not have been necessary.

In contrast, it is the unfortunate case in Pakistan that the ruler has been able to render their court powerless. That is a problem that even given fears of terrorism in a courtroom in New York City a few blocks from the cavity of the former World Trade Center Judge Mukasey did not permit. And that the culture of our nation did not permit... at least, not yet.

Nice to see one of the good guys win, once in a while.

Judge Mukasey Said to Be Pick At Justice

Can anybody tell me why this news would be good... no, thrilling, on a personal level?

See the story that prompts this Monday-morning excitement in the Washington Post:

Ex-Judge Is Said to Be Pick At Justice
Democrats Likely To Accept Him as Attorney General
By Michael Abramowitz and Dan EggenWashington Post Staff WritersMonday, September 17, 2007; Page A01